China Glaze Spring 2011: Anchors Away

(I know, I’ve been absent. Lots going on right now. In the meantime, I leave you with this press release for Anchors Away!)

China Glaze Introduces 12 New Glitters And Crèmes For Spring 2011
Los Angeles, CA – (October 2010): Sail away this spring in 12 nautically-inspired colors from China Glaze. These bold and confident brights are reminiscent of a carefree natural getaway, with soft ethereal hues that inspire leisurely thoughts of sand and sea. Colors in this collection include:
·        Life Preserver: Highly pigmented and luxurious poppy crème.
·        Hey Sailor: Vibrant crème red.
·        Ahoy!: Delightfully intense pink that flashes with reflective glass speck.
·        First Mate: Sophisticated and rich navy crème.
·        Starboard: Hip and playful green crème.
·        Lighthouse: Multi-dimensional, bright yellow glass speck.
·        White Cap: Whimsical and sparkling multi-dimensional white.
·        Pelican Gray: High shine, cool toned grey crème.
·        Sea Spray: Calming pale blue crème.
·        Below Deck: A flirty mix of taupe and violet.
·        Sunset Sail: Delightful peachy pink high shine crème.
·        Knotty: Micro-particle beige shimmer.
This spring, take a relaxing trip to the shore and sail away with China Glaze. Stop and smell the sea breeze!
The China Glaze Anchors Away collection will be available in two 6 piece acetates, a 12 piece display, a 36 piece rack, and as open stock colors.
China Glaze is free of DBP, toluene, and added formaldehyde.
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What about this weather

Are you kidding me.  It’s April 15 and it’s now pouring raining, and we’re actually going to get some snow tonight.  I know we’re halfway into April but what ever happened to “March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb”.  This is some lamb!  The only good thing about all this rain (I think we got 2 inches today) is that it will be a while before we are in danger of being in a drought.

I’m still not convinced by all this global warming talk.  I know it’s more than just talk, and so many scientists say we’re in for it if we don’t change our ways.  But my gut tells me that our climate has changed for eons and it’s always going to change for eons, regardless of what we do here on earth.  Plus the models they put together don’t seem to have worked out too well.  But I’ll still on the fence and when I have some mroe time I’ll take a closer look at all the data.

Well here’s hoping for some calmer weather around here.



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Weight Measurement

There are many applications that require accurate weight measurement.  Very small and precise measurements are required in laboratories, very large weights are measured in the mining industry, and there are many levels in between,

The shipping industry typically requires accuracies down to the ounce.  Everyday bathroom scales also have a resolution down to about an ounce.

Once a smaller digital scale is tared there is not much need for re-calibration.  In fact many scales are self calibrating.  That is the state of the art in 2014.  Most people do not even think about digital scale calibration.

Another concept in weight measurement is the load cell.  Heavier measurement scales and devices typically have a load cell at each corner.  This allows for the weight to be uncentered.  The measurement will still be as accurate.

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Need a Toy?

THere are so many places to find reviews for toys.  Amazon is the probably the best place to buy them, even though they’re raising the price of Amazon Prime this year.

I can’t believe that Furbys are still going strong.  I played with these toys when I was just a kid.  Although I couldn’t stand how you couldn’t shut them off.  I think they have ways to do that now.

Legos are still very popular now, they are still very hot toys.  Now they even have their own movie.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my very first blog.  I haven’t blogged before, so please excuse my writing.  Stay tuned for more articles.

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